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Results driven marketing designed to:

  • Use all digital media assets to drive visibility, traffic and conversions.
  • Be dynamic and react to your audiences use of traditional and social media.
  • Create exposure through targeted campaigns on google, facebook and email.
  • Email marketing that increases ROI from your subscriber list.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

The way to create functional SEO content is evolving and at CWS, we are an active part of this evolution.
Our standard is to create exceptional SEO site enhancements and content optimization techniques during the design and build process of every new website project that we undertake. We offer our advise and consultation through every stage of the process. The result is keyword-rich and functional content that drives traffic and increases brand awareness.

Site Optimization Standard and Optional Features

What we do

  • Design and code all web and email based marketing promotions.
  • Specialize in SEO marketing, optimizing meta tags, organic search parameters and google analytics.
  • Use of psychographic and demographic data to create targeted user experiences and interfaces.
  • Dynamic HTML sitemap
  • All content and navigation as text, not reproduced using images
  • All images with Alt and Title tags
  • All links with Title tags
  • All page content written using correct header tag title hierarchy and paragraphs for content
  • Editable page meta titles, showing site name and content title by default
  • Editable global and individual page meta data
  • Standard compliant HTML
  • Descriptive, search engine friendly URL’s i.e. www.creativewaysolutions/services
  • Google Analytics account creation and tracking code added to track visitor traffic
  • Automatic XML sitemap feeds to Google and Yahoo
  • Robots.txt optimization to make search engines index the right content and prevent them indexing the wrong content or duplicate content
  • Search engine friendly 301 redirects on all your old page URLs
  • Social bookmarks for every content page (optional)
  • Comprehensive forum component (optional)
  • Blogging component with visitor commenting plugin (optional)
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